Liposome preparation for dry skin

Basic Care II

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An agent complex consisting of multi-shell liposomes, phytosomes and ceramides along with phytosterols from avocado oil can regenerate a damaged skin barrier. The skin becomes more elastic and smoother, and it is protected against dehydration and infiltration of irritants and pollutants. Skin irritation and a brittle, scaly appearance of the skin can be counteracted this way. Perfectly suited for dry and demanding skin.

Contents 30 ml, No 1120

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

After cleaning in the morning and in the evening, apply BASIC CARE II, together with a Belico CONCENTRATE on your facial skin still wet with lotion as needed. Next apply a Belico cream according to your skin type.

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