Advantages of our products

The incom­pa­rable advan­tages of the medical Bio­Tech Cos­metic Belico pro­ducts are briefly sum­ma­rised here:

• Ex­cep­tional effi­cacy by con­cen­t­rated,
   in­no­va­tive agents with multi-shell
   li­po­somes and our pro­prie­tary,
   pa­tent-pen­ding Bio­Tech for­mula
• 100% manu­fac­tu­ring gua­rantee for
   a visibly better com­ple­xion within
   eight weeks
• with valuable natural oils, vita­mins
   and plant essences
• in­di­vi­dual spe­cial pro­ducts con­tai­ning
   who­le­some ethe­real oils
• Be­lico pre­pa­ra­tions do not con­tain any
   pa­r­a­bene, perfume or PEG
• Be­lico does not use any petro­leum
   de­ri­va­tives like mineral oil, mineral wax
   or sili­cone com­pon­ents
• Be­lico pro­ducts do not con­tain animal
   in­g­re­di­ents and are not tested at ani­mals.
   Be­lico pro­ducts are vegan, only the lips
   and con­cea­lers con­tain beeswax and
   CON­CEN­T­RATE V con­tains pro­polis.
• Be­lico pre­pa­ra­tions are hypoal­l­er­genic
   an­d war­rant high tole­ra­bi­lity by skin- and
   na­ture-identical ing­re­di­ents
• c­lear and con­cise assort­ment of about
   150 pro­ducts
• all pre­pa­ra­tions are made for women
   and men alike
• made in Ger­many

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The assort­ment includes about
150 pro­ducts:

> Expert-Line
> Effect-Line
> Zero-Line


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