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Mineral Make-up III

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The Belico MINERAL MAKE-UPs contain natural minerals but no fatty additives based on oil. Because they contain no talc, either, they do not dry the skin out. Mineral foundations are visually very light because the mineral pigments reflect light and have a blurring effect. Due to this reflexion, the products are also suited for scarred and uneven skin because they visually compensate small defects. In contrast to conventional powdered products, big pores and small wrinkles are less visible under this high reflectivity. Besides, MINERAL MAKE-UPs adhere longer because the micro-particles of the minerals overlap.

Contents 6.5 gr, No 3240

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Preparing: use before any Belico care preparations because the make-up releases moisture.
Applying: It is important that the product is applied with a brush in rotary motions and in several layers, according to the desired opacity. If the effect of a light powder is desired, apply accordingly thinly, even over a Belico MAKE-UP.
Taking the make-up off: Ideally with the Belico CLEANSER I.

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