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Premature skin ageing occurs due to external toxins such as UV radiation, fine dust, but also tobacco smoke, stress and too little sleep. In addition to increased wrinkle formation, visible pigmentary changes and hyperpigmentation such as lentigines seniles, so-called age spots, can be seen. But increased redness and telangiectasia are also external characteristics of a prematurely aged skin. In addition, the skin appears rougher and is often sensitive due to a reduced barrier capacity. The EFFECT – PEPTIDE AMINO BOOSTER counteracts the signs of premature ageing of the skin thanks to high-quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, tiger grass, panthenol and innovative peptides. Panthenol supports the skin's own regeneration, strengthens the barrier and improves skin’s elasticity. The innovative peptides found in the new EFFECT – PEPTIDE AMINO BOOSTER thus work in synergy and make this product unique.

Neutrazen™ is an innovative neuroinhibitory peptide. It inhibits the production and release of neuromediators of the neurogenic inflammatory cascade, triggered by external factors such as stress or UV radiation. This means that typical signs of premature skin ageing such as redness are visibly reduced, which soothes the skin and also makes it firm.

X 50 Antiaging is a modern, intelligent anti-ageing ingredient based on specific copper peptides. What is special is its encapsulation. It acts as a “cosmetic drone” that can act in a well targeted manner and thus demonstrably combats signs of skin ageing. It could be shown in studies that there is a distinct reduction of wrinkles, because of a simulation of the syntheses of collagen and elastin.

Contents 15 ml, No 1754

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Suitable for
Mature skin or prematurely aged skin for every skin condition, especially for sensitive ageing skin. Morning and evening as a long-term use or as a healing treatment. It should be also mentioned here that it is used for men’s sensitive skin, as it can be ideally used after shaving to avoid redness and inflammation.

EFFECT – PEPTIDE AMINO BOOSTER, which soothes the skin, is ideal for and / or before, during and after every summer holiday. It contains antioxidants that work against dryness wrinkles developing. At the same time, the active ingredient NeutrazenTM found in it reduces the UVB-induced inflammatory reaction of the skin and thus protects it from sun damage. At the same time, it acts on the capillary system and reduces redness and swelling. The overall sensation on the skin improves and the complexion appears smoothed.

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