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Lumicease™ is a ferment extract biotechnologically produced with pea proteins from one of the most radiation-resistant microorganisms. This active ingredient is able to activate opsins in the skin, which provide natural protection against radiation. In this manner, the skin's adaptive reactions are activated before being exposed to radiation and at the same time the skin is protected from damage, which may be caused by UV light and blue light. UV spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, the development of ROS (“Reactive Oxygen Species”) and roughness of the skin are demonstrably minimized. The active ingredient even received the “Silver Green Award” for the sustainable production of the raw material.

Silidine® is an innovative active ingredient from purple red algae. The specially cultivated microalgae contain a number of oligosaccharides and trace elements, which stimulate the synthesis of the protein, which starts to produce an effect on the smooth muscle cells of the vessels. Through this, the vascular walls are strengthened, small veins are reduced and redness disappears. 86% of the test subjects were able to confirm the effects. In addition, the skin cells are regenerated; irritations and inflammation are reduced.

Earth Marine Water contains more antioxidant micro-elements such as iron, manganese, zinc, potassium and sodium than sea water or thermal water and produces a remineralising, strengthening and detoxifying effect on the skin. Physiological functions of the skin, such as cellular respiration, transport of oxygen and metabolism of amino acids are improved. In addition, Earth Marine Water prevents the production of free radicals twice as much as thermal water, protects cells from cigarette smoke and the toxicity of exhaust gases and has anti-inflammatory properties. The skin is soothed, refreshed and becomes radiant.

Indian Ginseng is also known as Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry or Sleep Berry. The active ingredient extract has been proven to protect the skin - especially the mitochondria, which are responsible for the cellular respiration and energy generation - against any type of artificial radiation of light. The skin is revitalized with an energy boost and signs of tiredness disappear.

Gossypium herbaceum is an Arabian cotton plant native to the semi-arid regions of sub-Saharan Africa and Arabia. Due to the extreme conditions in which it grows, the plant developed particularly powerful molecules to survive in the harsh environment. Gossypum herbaceum strengthens the skin's own mechanisms for defence, protection and regeneration and is particularly effective in counteracting the damaging effects of sunlight, IR (infra-red) radiation and HEV (high energy visible light = "blue light") radiation as well as the breakdown of both collagen and elastin as well as the collagenase production connected with this. In addition, it could be demonstrated that over 80% of the test subjects had a skin calming effect within one hour after irradiation.

White horehound (Marrubium vulgare) is a plant-based active ingredient, which protects the skin from environmental pollution. By normalizing cell metabolism, the skin barrier is strengthened and the skin is thus protected from the penetration of harmful substances. Skin inflammation caused by environmental pollution is eliminated and the skin feels soft and supple, has a fresh colouring and an improved complexion.

By using an oil-soluble Vitamin C, a larger concentration of vitamin C could be used and at the same time, the oil-soluble vitamin C can penetrate the lipid layers of the skin better through its chemical structure (here a fatty acid compound was attached to the vitamin C molecule) and it can work right down to the depth This gives the skin a beautiful “glow”, pigmentation marks are reduced and the formation of new spots is prevented. A strong antioxidant effect begins and collagen synthesis is stimulated.

Grape seed oil and apricot seed oil are characterized by a very complex extraction process. They contain high levels of plant flavonoids, polyphenols and omega fatty acids. The oils work synergistically and develop antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties. They also provide natural protection against UV radiation.

Squalane is an active ingredient found naturally in the skin. It protects the skin from loss of moisture, maintains and improves the penetration of the other active ingredients.

Vitamin E has a healing and protective effect on the skin.

Contents 30 ml, No 1197

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Suitable for
We obtain the special fragrance of the body lotion from a special mixture of extracts from apricot, apple, vanilla, coconut, coffee and tonka bean. These are highly purified extracts, not essential oils. The irritant potential is therefore reduced to a minimum.

Skin that requires care with a less fat content and is exposed to environmental pollution and/or UV radiation, especially “Blue Light”. Suitable for people who wish to protect themselves from photo-ageing and the consequences of environmental pollution, or who wish to treat effects such as UV spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, redness and irritated skin. For couperose skin, which requires a low-fat content.

Apply to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening. Since the active ingredients used and the special emulsifier system already ensure good penetration, the use of BASIC CARE may be done without. However, if the skin is already very irritated and/or to intensify the effect, the combination with the EFFECT – PEPTIDE AMINO BOOSTER, the EFFECT – A.G.E. CODE or BASIC CARE may be recommended as a treatment or for long-term.

If you have a couperose skin, it may be appropriate to use INTENSIVE CARE II in the evening and/or to combine CONCENTRATE III.

It is recommended to use it all year round or especially during the summer months. You have to start using the cream already in March to activate the skin's own protective system and you must continue to use it during the summer.

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