Quality is our target

Belico is a suc­cessful brand because of our high-class pre­pa­ra­tions, the achie­ve­ments of BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG and, finally, the Belico beauti­cian who app­lies and sells the pre­pa­ra­tions pro­fes­sio­nally.

The Belico beauti­cian influ­ences the brand through the use of pre­pa­ra­tions and the asso­ciated con­sul­ta­tion. BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG is the­re­fore inte­rested in qua­li­fied beauti­cians and invests in their edu­ca­tion and trai­ning with highly valuable semi­nars offered at a favou­rable price.

The trai­ning tar­gets the suc­cess of the Belico beauti­cian. We are not con­tent with pro­vi­ding know­ledge on pro­ducts and tre­at­ments only. The con­text with practical app­li­ca­tion accom­pa­nies the semi­nars and is a part of sup­por­ting com­pany and per­sonal deve­lop­ment.

We war­rant a high qua­lity stan­dard with exten­sive ser­vices, up to sup­por­ting the self-adver­ti­sing of the spe­ci­alty beauti­cian. On the one hand we do justice to the high-class pre­pa­ra­tions and, on the other hand, the Belico spe­ci­alty beauti­cians become more suc­cessful.

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