The history of Belico has begun in a small cos­metics prac­tise. Much enga­ge­ment and joy in the occu­pa­tion attracted a loyal high-society cli­en­tele within a short time. The deve­lop­ment of the market for care pre­pa­ra­tions and lacking ser­vices of sup­p­liers and pro­du­cers had meanwhile been observed with inc­rea­sing wor­ries.

This situa­tion brought the Belico Derma Con­cept brand forth: pre­pa­ra­tions with hig­hest effi­cacy and tole­ra­bi­lity and incom­pa­rable ser­vices.
As she was used to, Mrs. Ste­gena is still run­ning her pri­vate cos­metics prac­tise with a lot of joy, and she is busy in her occu­pa­tion as beauti­cian. She is con­vinced that this practical expe­ri­ence is essen­tial for deve­lo­ping pre­pa­ra­tions, tre­at­ments, ser­vices and trai­nings that can be trans­ferred to and app­lied in other cos­metics prac­tises.

The suc­cess and feed­back by custo­mers and beauti­cians con­firm her view.

1993   Foun­da­tion of the Beauty Line Con­sul­ting com­pany in Swit­zer­land

1995   ­Move of the Beauty Line Con­sul­ting com­pany to Ger­many

2003   ­De­ve­lop­ment and market launch of the high-class pre­pa­ra­tions
           of Belico Derma Con­cept

2004   50 Belico spe­ci­alty beauti­cians in Ger­many

2007   BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG Swit­zer­land founded

2012   BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG Ger­many founded

2013   600 depo­si­ta­ries in the German-spea­king area
           Se­veral inter­na­tional who­le­sa­lers

2014   The Swiss and German ser­vice sites pooled in Lucerne

2015   The German head office pooled with ser­vice and dis­tri­bu­tion sites in Klei­nen­berg

2016   BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG Aus­tria founded


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