Tips and care for pretty hair

Hair is con­s­i­dered a status symbol and an expres­sion of indi­vi­dua­lity. Indi­vi­dual well-being will usually suffer from hair that looks unhealthy. Kee­ping hair look nou­rished and beau­tiful needs proper care and tre­at­ment.

Clea­ning hair and scalp
• Wet hair is very sen­si­tive and easy to
   da­mage. The­re­fore, it should best be
   brushed before was­hing. You should
   also use a brush to disen­t­angle wet hair
   be­cause, other than a comb, it is less
   ea­sily caught by tan­gles in the hair.
   Ca­re­fully work from bottom to
   top when brus­hing.

∙ Do not use too hot water for was­hing
   your hair and apply only a little shampoo.
   It is best to dilute the shampoo in a
   small bottle of water before use.
   Al­ways rinse shampoo well.

∙  When selec­ting your shampoo, make
   sure that it con­tains mild ten­s­ides and
   no sili­cones. Sili­cones can attach around
   the dand­ruff layer of the hair like a film
   so that no nou­ris­hing active ing­re­di­ents
   may get into the hair. In the long run,
   the hair will dry and turn like straw
   be­cause it lacks proteins and mois­ture.

∙  After was­hing, you should dry your hair,
   do not rub it. Rub­bing down roug­hens
   the sur­face, making the hair brittle and
   prone to split­ting.

∙  For long hair, use care pro­ducts with
   ac­tive repair ing­re­di­ents. These are best
   rinsed cold, clo­sing the dand­ruff layer
   so that the hair will be glos­sier.

∙ For long hair, slee­ping with a loose bun is
   re­com­mended. Over­night the hair cannot
   mat up nor roughen this way. A wel­come
   side effect is more volume to be noted next
   mor­ning, with your hair fal­ling in beau­tiful,
   soft waves.

Rege­ne­ra­tion of strained hair
∙ In the case of damaged hair, leave
   HAIR CARE I in the form of an inten­sive
   re­pair hair-cover over night. Wrap your
   hair into a (warm) towel or blow dry.
   The next mor­ning, please, do not use
   shampoo but rinse the cover tho­roughly
   out Blow your hair dry as usual and see
   the ­mar­vel­lous effect. If it is split­ting, you
   should wash your hair only every other
   day or even less and cut tips fre­qu­ently.
   Ideal is a spe­cial split-cut.

∙ Set the hair­dryer at medium or lowest
   heat level. A small amount of HAIR CARE I
   can be kneaded into the dry or moist hair
   tips as a hair tip fluid. Do not rinse.

∙ The hair should be also pro­tected against
   the sun and drying-up sea or pool water.
  Just rub a mix­ture of OIL CARE I and
  SUN CARE I into the hair. Thanks to its
  natural oils, this hair pro­tec­tion can be
  rinsed out wit­hout residue.



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