Are animal tests performed for Belico preparations?

Since 2013-03-11, a new cos­metics direc­tive intends a ban on sel­ling cos­metics pro­ducts raw sub­stances tested at ani­mals.

Unfort­u­na­tely, the sub­ject of cos­metics and animal expe­ri­ments has not become obso­lete the­reby because this direc­tive app­lies only to raw sub­stances used exclu­si­vely for cos­metics.

Many raw sub­stances used in cos­metics are also used in other fields, say, in colour sprays or as a mois­tu­ri­sing agent in cle­an­sing pro­ducts for the hou­se­hold. All these sub­stances must be tested at ani­mals accor­ding to app­lying EU che­mi­cals legis­la­tion.

Like­wise, active sub­stances are not covered by this direc­tive if they are also used in some form of drug.

More­over, there may be excep­tions, for example, when there is serious con­cern regar­ding the safety of cos­metic raw sub­stances and these appar­ently cannot be treated with a test method that would not involve ani­mals.

Gene­rally, cos­metics wit­hout animal tes­ting will be available only when che­mi­cals are no longer tested in animal expe­ri­ments in general.

This is also the reason why, for cos­metics, the plain adver­ti­sing sta­te­ment 'wit­hout animal expe­ri­ments' is an offence against the com­pe­ti­tion law: No manu­fac­turer can gua­rantee that no ing­re­di­ents used have been tested at ani­mals for other pur­poses or in the past.

Being the manu­fac­turer of Belico Cos­metic pre­pa­ra­tions, we can also only gua­rantee that we have not car­ried out any animal expe­ri­ments on the final pro­ducts or for the indi­vi­dual ing­re­di­ents of Belico pre­pa­ra­tions, nor have we com­mis­sioned any other com­pany. Neither in the EU nor out­side the EU. This is docu­mented by the sta­te­ment that

Belico pre­pa­ra­tions are not tested on ani­mals.







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