Why are there no refill systems made by Belico?

Belico is not only a brand that respects people and the environ­ment but it is also an exclu­sive cos­metic pro­gramme that gives the con­sumer a touch of luxury. This touch would be com­pro­mised if the customer car­ried cans or cru­ci­bles that are scrat­ched and do not look appea­ling any more.

All Belico pac­ka­ging is eco­lo­gi­cally dis­posed of so that we meet all national environ­mental pro­tec­tion requi­re­ments. We pay accor­ding fees. For rea­sons of space, we cannot declare this on the pac­ka­ging. Please, find more infor­ma­tion about The Green Dot here.


Ano­ther sub­ject is that we would have to ope­rate a double sto­rage system for refill sys­tems, which would con­s­i­de­r­ably delay the sale of our pro­ducts. This required stronger pre­ser­va­tion and the customer would not get as fresh pro­ducts any more.

That is why we hope to act to the best of our custo­mers if we con­tinue to refrain from refil­ling sys­tems.

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