Why is palm oil used by Belico?

Palm oil is an inex­pen­sive vege­table oil which is valuable for skin care. More­over, many che­mical raw sub­stances such as fatty acids are pro­duced from palm oil or other plants. The­re­fore it is almost impos­sible to com­p­le­tely dis­pense with palm oil deri­va­tives in the pro­duc­tion of cos­metic pro­ducts or to reli­ably ascer­tain the plant from which a fatty acid has been obtained.

Unfort­u­na­tely, the use of unsu­s­tained palm oil leads to the destruc­tion of rain forests and peat areas. This has deva­sta­ting con­se­qu­ences for bio­di­ver­sity, the cli­mate and the local popu­la­tion.

By joi­ning the RSPO (Round Table on Sus­tainable Palm Oil) and regular con­tri­bu­tions accor­ding to the con­sump­tion of palm oil, the BTB Bio­Tech Beauty AG sup­ports the cul­ti­va­tion of sus­tained palm oil.

By the use of Belico pre­pa­ra­tions you con­tri­bute, the­re­fore, to com­pen­sa­tions for any damage resul­ting from the use of palm oil.



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