Light blockers in cosmetics

Light blo­ckers like ethyl­hexyl meth­oxy­cin­na­mates are che­mical wea­pons. There is not­hing more to be said about them. The­re­fore, no light blo­ckers are used in Belico pre­pa­ra­tions for daily care.

The only other option is to use sun-care pro­ducts with phy­sical light blo­ckers, i. e. light-ref­lec­ting mine­rals like tita­nium dioxide or zinc oxide.

To ensure a high degree of light blo­cking, say, SPF 20 or more, they should be dosed so high that unac­ceptable whi­te­ness is pro­duced on the skin. Phy­sical light blo­ckers that do not whiten are in the nano­particle range. Nano­parti­cles are sus­pected to over­come the cere­bral bar­rier and damage the brain.

Con­clu­sion: Proper risk balance is needed in light pro­tec­tion: sun­burn, skin cancer and pre­ma­ture ageing of the skin versus light blo­ckers with poten­tial side effects.

Belico SUN CARE I SPF 50 app­lies a mix­ture of phy­sical and che­mical light blo­ckers so that the che­mical stress on the skin can be kept as low as pos­sible. However, an SPF 20 as it is found in SUN CARE II can be rea­ched with very mode­rate light blo­cking dosages.

We recom­mend to apply sun pro­ducts sen­sibly and at the right time, to avoid sun and sola­rium and to pro­tect your skin also with tex­tiles. 















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