No preservatives - is that possible?

A cos­metics pro­duct not made long-las­ting could be used only for a few weeks because micro­or­ga­nisms would mul­tiply very rapidly in the cream. This can become appa­rent by more skin pro­b­lems and visible or smellable spoi­lage of the pro­duct. This is also a pro­blem with self-made creams.

The Euro­pean Cos­metics Regu­la­tion has a list of 54 sub­stances clas­si­fied as pre­ser­va­tives. As soon as a cos­metic pro­duct con­tains one of these 54 sub­stances, the adver­ti­sing sta­te­ment 'Wit­hout (che­mical) pre­ser­va­tives' may no longer be used.

On the other hand, this sta­te­ment may be used as soon as the dura­bi­lity of a pro­duct is based on the con­tent of other (che­mical) sub­stances which are not included as pre­ser­va­tives in the Cos­metics Regu­la­tions. There are several ways, as the fol­lo­wing exam­ples show:

High con­cen­t­ra­tions of che­mical sol­vents like pro­py­lene glycol or buty­lene glycol can inc­rease the dura­bi­lity of a pro­duct. With those low dosages needed as sol­vents, there is no objec­tion to these sub­stances.

Also high gly­ce­rine or alcohol con­cen­t­ra­tions (INCI: gly­ce­rine, alcohol or ethanol) have pre­ser­ving pro­per­ties. Their draw­back is their strongly drying or irri­ta­ting effect if these sub­stances are highly dosed.

Further­more, high perfume con­cen­t­ra­tions or irra­dia­tion or hea­ting tech­ni­ques can extend the dura­bi­lity of a pro­duct. The unans­wered ques­tion is whe­ther the effect is still the same, no reconta­mi­na­tion with germs can take place after fil­ling and the irra­dia­tion of a pro­duct will not have a harmful effect on the skin in the long term.

In this respect, the ques­tion arises whe­ther it would not be more appro­priate to pre­serve a pro­duct with small quan­ti­ties of selected and well-tole­rated pre­ser­va­tives, even if this means to dis­pense with the dubious adver­ti­sing sta­te­ment 'Wit­hout (che­mical) pre­ser­va­tives'.

Belico pro­ducts focus on sus­tainable care with maximum effect and very high tole­ra­bi­lity. We pre­serve with minor quan­ti­ties of selected and well tole­rated sub­stances. That is why we are happy to do wit­hout a highly ques­tionable adver­ti­sing sta­te­ment.

To pro­tect Belico pre­pa­ra­tions against ger­mi­na­tion, they are pre­served with sub­stances such as:

Penty­lene glycol
Mois­tu­ri­sing active sub­stance with anti-micro­bial pro­per­ties.

Ben­zoic acid
Natural pre­ser­va­tive, natu­rally occur­ring in blu­e­ber­ries and cran­ber­ries and even approved for food.

Sorbic acid
Natural pre­ser­va­tive pre­sent in ber­ries and bound in wine and also approved for food.

Ethyl­hexyl gly­ce­rine
Nou­ris­hing active sub­stance with anti­bac­te­rial qua­li­ties.




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