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Belico is a medical Bio­Tech Cos­metic com­pany with hig­hest dosed agents intro­duced into lower skin layers by spe­cial car­rier sys­tems.

To ascer­tain that pre­pa­ra­tions are chosen which are pre­ci­sely suited for visibly impro­ving your com­ple­xion requires indi­vi­dual ana­lysis of your skin. The­re­fore, a brief skin ana­lysis (taking about 30 minutes) in a Belico cos­metics prac­tise is necessary before you become our new customer by purcha­sing. Of course you can com­bine your appo­int­ment with a soot­hing beauty tre­at­ment right away.

After your visit you will receive your per­sonal access data to the Belico online shop from your spe­cia­list beauti­cian.


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