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Zero Essential Refill - Limited Edition 30ml

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This rich eye balm nourishes the particularly sensitive skin area, has a calming and moisturising effect.

Ectoine is synthesized by bacteria that exist in the salt lakes of Egypt under the most extreme conditions. It protects the skin's immune system, has cell protection properties, protects the cell membranes from damage due to light and has hydrophilic properties. By strengthening the skin's immune system, Ectoine keeps it healthy while wrinkles are measurably reduced at the same time. Skin repair to reduce damages caused by sunlight is fortified, in order to specifically prevent premature photoaging.

Apart from its moisturising effect, the liposomal encapsulated high molecular hyaluronic acid can also improve the skin's firmness and elasticity. Thus, the skin becomes visibly firmer and plumper.

The formula contains specially purified rapeseed oil, which is rich in the antioxidant vitamin E and phytosterols, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. Damage caused by UV radiation is demonstrably reduced and your skin is calmed.

The combination of jojoba oil and corn germ oil supplies the skin with important lipids and imparts a pleasant feeling to the skin.  In addition, panthenol has a calming and moisturising effect and improves the skin’s structure.

Contents 30 ml, No 2940

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Suitable for
Due to its particularly nourishing properties, it is also particularly suitable for lip care. Care for sensitive and/or very dry skin around the eyes with a tendency to allergies.

Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

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