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This O/W emulsion is based on skin-identical lysophospholipids, which, apart from forming emulsions, also have active agent properties. They have a positive effect on the formation of collagen and elastin and thus improve the skin’s structure. Thanks to their micellar structure, they also improve the effectiveness of other active ingredients on the skin.

Ceramide NP are skin-identical ceramides that replenish the lipid barriers and strengthen the skin in this manner. By demonstrably reducing transepidermal water loss, they prevent the skin from drying out and also reduce roughness of the skin. Your skin becomes supple and invigorated.

A patented combination of two di-peptides works in a very special zone of our skin - the dermoepidermal junction zone (DEJ). This boundary layer between the dermis and epidermis ensures the interchange of nutrients between the layers and is thus essential in the ageing process. The special peptide combination increases the concentration of structure-forming proteins in this layer. Through this, the molecular communication and structural integrity of the skin are improved, and the skin retains elasticity and firmness. This becomes evident through a smoother and younger looking skin.

The liposomal encapsulated high molecular hyaluronic acid contained not only has a moisturising effect but also improves the skin's firmness and elasticity. The skin is visibly firmer and plumper.

The moisturising complex used made up of amino acids, urea, allantoin and sodium lactate copies the natural composition of the Natural Moisturising Factor (in short: NMF). The complex is intended to help the skin retain the added moisture for a longer period.

Squalane is a clear, odourless and low-viscosity lipid; it is the saturated version of the skin's own squalene, which is an essential component of the skin's inherent hydrolipid film. Squalane ensures that the skin feels extremely soft, silky and non-greasy.

Contents 30 ml, No 2920

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Suitable for
Very sensitive, dry and flaky skin with the need for skin tightening.

After cleansing, apply in the morning and evening, if necessary, with a Belico CONCENTRATE or SERUM. Then apply a Belico skin care cream as needed.

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