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Post Epil HGI

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POST EPIL HGI contains a vegetable active anti-hair complex to inhibit the metabolism of hair keratinisation. It is effective and cumulative with every cycle of hair growth. As a result, visibly less and weaker hairs will grow. Depilation can thus take place at ever greater intervals, the time required for a visible reduction in hair growth varying according to the type of hair and the individual's disposition.

Contents 50 ml, No 1780

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Apply right after depilation and then every day for the next 7 days. Rub softly in until it is completely absorbed by the depilated areas. The specific effect can cause a slight prickle right after depilation.
Apply every day during the first to second month for a faster visible effect.

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