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Coccoloba essence is an efficient anti-cellulite agent reducing the formation of fat cells and promoting their consumption.

A revolutionary, intelligent carrier system, called ITS technology, allows this agent to reach into the hypodermic fat in relevant amounts and penetrate the fat cells to develop their effect there.

Their special feature: On the outer, liposome-like capsule shell are special control peptides, which link up to the receptors of the fat cells and penetrate the cell. It is only in the cell that the contained active substance is released from the coccoloba essence and the specific effect is activated.

In addition, jojoba oil and shea butter nurture the skin and ensure a silky-soft skin feeling. Natural betaine and sugar isomers absorb and preserve the moisture. Shizandra and magnolia bark essence have a soothing and nurturing effect on stressed skin.

The combination of litsea oil, palma rosa and vanilla creates a very pleasant florid-fruity fragrance.

Contents 200 ml, No 2540

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Apply and massage on the affected areas once or twice a day.

The effect of BODY CARE SILHOUETTE is supported by regularly using the BODY SCRUB.

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