Shampoo without silicone for demanding hair

Shampoo I

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Almost all customary hair care preparations contain industrially made silicones. They adhere around the scale layer and the hair has immediately more gloss and grip. Once the silicones have adhered, however, nourishing agents can no longer enter the hairs. This is then the result: In the long run, the hair turns strawier and drier because it lacks proteins and moisture.

Belico's unique SHAMPOO I without silicone causes long-term improvement of the hair structure. A wheat-protein complex and panthenol regenerate the hair. It receives a silky gloss, hairsplash and loss of hair are prevented. Thanks to the extremely mild, PEG-free tensides mixture, even visible improvement in troubles like a flaky, itchy or eczema-prone scalp can be observed.

Contents 200 ml, No 2700

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Massage into wet hair. Instead of a second wash, emulsify again with a bit of water and rinse carefully. Apply Belico's HAIR CARE I as condition, length and need of your hair require.



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