Tightening eye balm

Eye Care I

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This soft and light eye balm has been developed to prevent declining tension in the extremely thin area around the eyes. Agents like phytosonic and hyaluronic acid have strengthening, tightening qualities. Rhizobian gel, along with tetrapeptides, prevent dark rings and lachrymal sacs under the eyes. This valuable eye-care also is an ideal make-up basis of light consistency.

Contents 15 ml, No 1300

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Apply around the eyes every morning and evening after BASIC CARE, maybe together with CONCENTRATE I or II, and gently rub from the outer to the inner canthus. Exception: When there is a tendency to developing lachrymal sacs, the eye area should be gently tapped from the inside out to promote the removal of slag. Note: Best successes can be achieved when EYE CARE I and EYE CARE II are alternatingly applied in the morning and in the evening.

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