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Eye Shadow II

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Quattro eye shadow palette in warm earthy, beige and golden hues. Contains 3 colours without glittering particles and a gleaming highlighter. The included mineral pigments create silky colour effects on the eyelid without looking dull so that the eyes appear more expressive and bigger. The nourishing texture can be applied very beautifully and evenly, stays intact the whole day and does not retreat into the crease. The darker colours are also very well suited for filling and defining eyebrows and can as well be used as eye definer or eyeliner.

Contents 4 gr, No 3740

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Proposal: Prime the whole eyelid up to the eyebrow with the bright nuance without brilliant particles. Then apply the medium dark nuance on the movable eyelid or only in the area of the crease. Next, apply the darkest colour around the outer canthus and blur the transition softly. Now apply the bright nuance without brilliant particles again as a highlighter under the eyebrow and blur the transition to the darker colours. Then place the light gleaming nuance as a point of light near the inner canthus or right about the pupil. The eyebrows can be beautifully set in scene with any of the two dark nuances. Using a very thin (moist) brush, trace the rim of the (lower) eyelid with the darkest colour for a perfect shape of the eye. According to the shape and distance of the eye and the desired colourful reflexes, the eye shadow can of course be applied in other ways as well.

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