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This ampoule contains Vitamin A in a high-quality oil blend. It is suitable for mature skin as a Well-Ageing compound as well as for care of acne. The special oil mixture has a particularly nourishing effect on mature skin and provides it with important components Impure skin also benefits from the non-comedogenic mixture. The skin is soothed and encouraged to reduce excessive sebum production.

Vitamin A is the traditional remedy in Well-Ageing care and for acne. It increases cell activity and thus contributes to the normalization of keratinisation. The regeneration of UV-damaged skin is supported by inducing collagen biosynthesis.

Jojoba oil acts as a gentle protection on the skin and has a calming effect. Due to its special structure, it cannot be metabolized by microorganisms and in this way deprives the acne-causing bacteria of their livelihood.

Safflower oil is particularly rich in linoleic acid. This is an important component of our skin barrier because it is built directly into the ceramide structure. In addition, linoleic acid also acts in support against acne-related inflammation.

Argan oil is a particularly valuable oil with a broad spectrum of effects. It contains valuable linoleic acid and the antioxidant vitamin E. The phytosterols it contains also have a cell-stimulating effect - perfect for regenerating the skin barrier.

The brown algae extract used here is particularly rich in omega-3,6,9 fatty acids and phytosterols. It has a strong antioxidant and revitalizing effect, which helps in case of acne. It also improves cell communication and increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production. The skin becomes tighter, firmer and better hydrated.

Contents 7 x 2 ml, No 1761

Where do I get this product?
You receive Belico products only from your specialised Belico beautician.

Suitable for
Every skin type. Especially for mature skin or in case of acne at any age. In case of oily skin, use the ampoule as an overnight ampoule.

Break off the neck of the ampoule and apply the entire quantity directly on the face (and, if necessary, décolleté) after a liposome product. To better absorb the active ingredients, it may make sense to moisten your face a little beforehand, for example with a suitable lotion.

Can also be mixed with daily face cream.

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