Application ampoule for elasticity and firming

Effect Meso Shot Fibro Active

D5794 MesoShotFibroActive Sky

Available for medical practices only.

Tightenyl™ is an active ingredient complex that supports the skin's extracellular matrix (ECM). The ECM consists of various macromolecules such as polysaccharides (e.g. glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid and sulphated GAGs), proteins (e.g. collagen and elastin) and hybrid protein-sugar molecules, the proteoglycans. Tightenyl™ contains a combination of bioavailable S-GAGs precursors. These help to set in motion the entire pathway of synthesis of proteoglycans and their specific S-GAGs. The skin structure is sustainably improved long term and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

A specific, particularly important proteoglycan is lumican. This is involved in organising collagen fibrils and the circumferential growth, the corneal transparency as well as the migration of epithelial cells and tissue repair. The tetrapeptide Dermican™now increases the synthesis of this lumican and thus supports the optimal arrangement and function of the ECM. The skin’s density and firmness are thus improved long term.

Oxidative stress not only affects cells in general but also specifically affects the DNA, the basic component of all life. FOXO genes play an important role in protecting the DNA and are sometimes also referred to as longevity genes. The active ingredient Juve­ leven™ can mimic the effect of the FOXO3 gene in the epidermis. This leads to protection of the skin’s cells from light-related damage and to a “rejuvenation” of the cells. Typical signs of ageing of the skin can be reduced.

An antioxidant complex supports the skin's protective mechanisms against environmentally induced skin ageing. Rosmarinic acid, obtained from lemon balm, has a strong antioxidant effect and has photoprotective properties. It is also very well absorbed by the skin and has high bioavailability. The trace elements manganese, zinc and selenium from barley extract protect the skin's immune system and improve its protective mechanisms. Hesperidin complements the antioxidant spectrum and also has a stimulating effect on cell proliferation and cell differentiation.

Contents 50 ml, No 5794

Suitable for
Any skin type, especially for skin that suffers from loss of tone and elasticity and/or skin damaged by light.

The serum is removed from the injection bottle using a syringe. It can then be applied directly drop by drop or used as part of treatments using diagnostic devices.

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