Application ampoule for smoothing and protection

Effect Meso Shot Botox Like

D5790 MesoShotBotoxLike Sky

Available for medical practices only.

Argireline® is still the gold standard for facial wrinkles and the cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin. It is a micropeptide that has such a small molecule that it can actually penetrate through the thin facial skin right down to the muscle. It accumulates there with daily use and causes the fibroblast network to relax and thus the facial muscles to relax.

The effect is complemented by the peptide XEP™­018. Although it refers to a peptide larger than Argireline®, it can penetrate the skin due to its special folded structure. There it reduces the transmission of stimuli and thus causes further relaxation of the mimic facial muscles. Due to the larger molecular size of XEP™-018, an effect can be seen after just one application.

Malachite not only provides the great blue colour but also supplies the skin with the trace element copper. This helps the skin against oxidative stress

An antioxidant complex supports the skin's protective mechanisms against environmentally induced skin ageing. Rosmarinic acid, obtained from lemon balm, has a strong antioxidant effect and has photoprotective properties. It is also very well absorbed by the skin and has high bioavailability. The trace elements manganese, zinc and selenium from barley extract protect the skin's immune system and improve its protective mechanisms. Hesperidin complements the antioxidant spectrum and also has a stimulating effect on cell proliferation and cell differentiation.

Contents 50 ml, No 5790

Suitable for
Any skin type, especially for skin with pronounced facial wrinkles.

The serum is removed from the injection bottle using a syringe. It can then be applied directly drop by drop or used as part of treatments using diagnostic devices.

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