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Effect Meso Shot Anti-Redness

D5793 MesoShotAntiRedness Sky48  

Available for medical practices only.

Neutrazen™ is an innovative neuroinhibitory peptide. It inhibits the production and release of neuromediators of the neurogenic inflammatory cascade, triggered by external factors such as stress or UV radiation. Thus the typical signs of premature skin ageing such as redness are visibly reduced; the skin is soothed and strengthened.

Telangyn™ is a peptide that can reduce inflammatory reactions right from the start. It inhibits the activity of the body's own “inflammatory peptide” LL37 and thus reduces typical skin inflammation symptoms such as redness, telangiectasia and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin B12 is a true all-rounder among vitamins. As an important factor in cell metabolism, it acts as a booster for other active ingredients. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and thus counteracts stress-related inflammatory reactions. It also gives the serum its red colour.

Ectoin® is synthesized by bacteria that exist in the salt lakes of Egypt under the most extreme conditions. It protects the skin's immune system, has cell protection properties, protects the cell membranes from damage due to light and has hydrophilic properties. In addition, it is effective against inflammatory or irritant skin redness.

An antioxidant complex supports the skin's protective mechanisms against environmentally induced skin ageing. Rosmarinic acid, obtained from lemon balm, has a strong antioxidant effect and has photoprotective properties. It is also very well absorbed by the skin and has high bioavailability. The trace elements manganese, zinc and selenium from barley extract protect the skin's immune system and improve its protective mechanisms. Hesperidin complements the antioxidant spectrum and also has a stimulating effect on cell proliferation and cell differentiation.

Contents 50 ml, No 5793

Suitable for
Any skin type, especially for sensitive skin that reacts with redness, couperose skin and/or customers who exercise a lot outdoors.

The serum is removed from the injection bottle using a syringe. It can then be applied directly drop by drop or used as part of treatments using diagnostic devices.

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