Application ampoule for clearing and invigorating the skin

Effect Meso Shot Acne Scar

D5792 MesoShotAcneScar Sky  

Available for medical practices only.

Azelaic acid is similar in its effect to salicylic acid; it has a slightly keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effect. However, azelaic acid is significantly milder and can also be used safely during pregnancy.

BB­Biont™ is a novel, biomimetic peptide that specifically reduces acne scars. It also reduces inflammatory and post-inflammatory skin discolouration, so that fewer new spots appear.

Collaxyl® IS is a biomimetic hexapeptide based on collagen type XVII. This special transmembrane collagen is found primarily in the dermal-epidermal junction zone (DEJ) of our skin and ensures an optimal connection between the intracellular and extracellular structures that are involved in the adhesion of the epidermis to the DEJ. Collaxyl® IS is able to increase the synthesis of other important structural collagen types such as I, III and IV as well as laminin-5. The skin structure is deeply improved, which reduces both wrinkles and scars.

Vitamin B12 is a true all-rounder among vitamins. As an important factor in cell metabolism, it acts as a booster for other active ingredients. It also gives the serum its pink colour.

An antioxidant complex supports the skin's protective mechanisms against environmentally induced skin ageing. Rosmarinic acid, obtained from lemon balm, has a strong antioxidant effect and has photoprotective properties. It is also very well absorbed by the skin and has high bioavailability. The trace elements manganese, zinc and selenium from barley extract protect the skin's immune system and improve its protective mechanisms. Hesperidin complements the antioxidant spectrum and also has a stimulating effect on cell proliferation and cell differentiation.

Contents 50 ml, No 5792

Suitable for
For any skin type, especially for impure, acne-prone skin and/or skin with acne lesions. Also good for use with acne tarda.

The serum is removed from the injection bottle using a syringe. It can then be applied directly drop by drop or used as part of treatments using diagnostic devices.

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